Two 261mt transformer transshiped at once


Two each 261mt weighing transformers were transshiped, transported and set down onto foundation at frosty temperatures. On duty were a huge crawler crane, in total 40 heavy duty modular axle lines combined with 5 heavy duty tractor heads, a temporary flyover bridge and a hydraulic lift system.

Our team surveyed the whole transport process of the transformers in order to deliver them safe and without any damage to the customer. Therefore, we check the condition of the cargo at each transfer point. Furthermore, we e.g. control the setup of the crane or lift system if it is corrctly in use. The same control takes place for the used trailers; is the lashing adequate and trailer loaded correct? Afterwards we escort the transport until its final set down onto foundation and create a written report, so that all involved parties are informed independent.

We work for you 7 days/24h, just as you need us. So if you also have special goods which should be surveyed during the transport - just give us a call and we help immediatly.

Local newspaper report of the transport: Link


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